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Rich and Famous Hit Miami

Kardashians rule the roost



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    Are Khloe and Kim Kardashian plotting the next episodes of their reality shows?

    VANDAL SCANDAL: The Kardashians are making themselves home-sweet-home in Miami Beach, but we’re not so sure the locals are happy with their latest houseguests. While Khloe and Kourtney have been in town filming their new “reality” show, “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami,” Kim joined them to make the circle K complete for their clothing store grand opening soiree at the Clevelander on Wednesday. But before the family of press-loving pre-Madonnas could make it to the red carpet, the welcome wagon dropped by their Washington Avenue Dash shop for a spray-paint greeting.

    Like all celebs in crisis, the sisters K invited the paps to photograph the “gang-related” tags they alleged devastated their shop. What the paps revealed, however, was easily painted-over tags like, “guk.” Considering the stink the trio made through the media, we’re concluding the drama was self-inflicted to give their show some plot. Either that or the Bloods and Crips are also on holiday in Miami this week.

    We can tell the whole incident really tore Kim up deep down inside, as she was seen frolicking in a bikini on the beach soon thereafter and later told People how she’s working hard to keep in swimsuit shape. If the gangs of Miami are looking for something else to tag, however, we hear her bikini bottom makes a pretty sizeable canvas.

    COLDPLAY STAYED HERE: If you spent last weekend trying to find out where Coldplay was staying, you should have just dropped by the Delano. As reported by Scene in the Tropics, the band tweeted it was checking out of the swanky South Beach stay. While tales of Chris Martin cruising around town are nil, we hear his wife Gwyneth Paltrow settled in for a meal at the hotel’s famed restaurant, Blue Door, on Saturday night. Proving once and for all, yes, she does eat.   

    BURGERS DO A BODY GOOD: What’s the best way to refuel after a fierce workout? If you’re Brooke Hogan, it’s two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese. The “singer’ was spotted in full workout regalia getting her grease on at McDonald’s. Hey, Brooke, you are what you eat. And let’s face it, she is one Big Mac.

    CLOONEY AND THE COCKTAIL WAITRESS: It appears George Clooney brought home quite a souvenir from his stay in Miami. According to, the eternal bachelor shacked up with a cocktail waitress and “aspiring model” named Lucy Wolvert while in town filming his latest flick. Apparently Clooney has something for ladies who know he likes his drinks shaken and not stirred, as he dated another cocktail waitress, Sarah Larson, for longer than a blink of the eye. The site reports he asked Wolvert to keep the fling on the DL, but she has been blabbing to anyone who will listen. Can you blame her, though? That’s definitely a whole bag a cat we wouldn’t be able to keep quiet either. Cheers to Lucy Wolvert.