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Down and Out

It's World Pillow Fight Day -- grab a fluffy one and head to SoBe



    Down and Out
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    Pink's mic is no match for a pound of down during a pillow fight at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

    Whether your best pillow fight memory involves 8-year-old girls and way too much sugar, or 18-year-old co-eds and way too much Jager, there’s no denying the sheer glee of smacking someone with down feathers (or a poly blend, for those who are allergic).

    Get your bedding brawl on once again today, as it’s World Pillow Fight Day. Over 80 cities (more than twice as many as last year) around the world are scheduled to participate, including Miami.

    The action begins at 1 p.m. on Ocean Drive and Eighth Street. The Web site suggests that you bring soft pillows (preferably feathers) only and swing lightly (remember to remove your glasses).

    There have been no accounts of people getting too aggressive or arrested during the pillow fights, the Web site also says. But, hey, this is Miami, not Amsterdam, so who knows.

    But we advocate feeling the pillow fight love, which has apparently in the past lasted more than two hours. “Somewhere around the 20-minute point,” the site explains, “people may gain their ‘second wind’ and begin forming ad-hoc alliances, charging the middle in forms reminiscent of historical fiction films like Braveheart or 300.”

    In the words of William Wallace: “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our pillows!”