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In the Year Dada 5000

A local street fighter gets his five minutes of fame



    In the Year Dada 5000
    So not a tramp stamp.

    Those who grew up there affectionately call it P-rine.

    It’s the southern ‘burb of Miami-Dade County where Dada 5000 resides, and he is the subject of an in-the-works documentary by Rakontur, a local filmmaking operation that garnered uber-success with their recount of drug-fueled Miami in the ‘80s, Cocaine Cowboys.

    Backyard brawls in the 'burbs: take one!

    This time around, they’re following around Dada, a protégé of mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice, who also grew up in P-rine and rose to Internet stardom via his street fighting videos on YouTube.

    Rakontur, who found out about the story through New Times reporter Francisco Alvarado's piece on the subject, is “still figuring the project out,” they say on their website, but if it’s seen through to the end and as compelling as the five-minute promo, expect a slick, raw, engrossing account of the backyard fighting matches taking place in this predominantly African American pocket of Miami. Starring, of course, Dada 5000.

    Give it a looksy. Or we'll sic Kimbo on you.