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The Power of music tonight in Ft. Lauderdale



    Cat Culture
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    Chan Marshall: rocker, patriot.

    There’s nothing not to like about Chan Marshall. Known widely as Cat Power, her voice is delightfully different, her personality sweet and quirky, and her look is good enough for Chanel. How many singer-songwriters are also the face of a great fashion house? Not many, we can tell you that much.

    In the past, stage fright caused her to self medicate, but after a struggle, she cleaned up and started to perform sober. Although her music never suffered, her sobriety reflected somewhat painfully on stage back in 2006 with North Mississippi Allstars, uncomfortable at the center of attention. Even so, that tour gave Cat Power access to loads of great press and opportunities, making her an international star. Last time she performed in Miami at Studio A to a packed house promoting her album Jukebox, she seemed born to belong in front of an audience.

    As you can see on her My Space page, her YouTube picks show a definite strength in musical taste; Joni Mitchell’s California is truly one of the best songs of all time, and there is nothing not awesome about Sun Ra and the high priestess of soul Nina Simone. Though it hasn’t gotten much buzz, tonight she’s performing An Evening with Cat Power at Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale.