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Paula Abdul, Poet-Genius

You say she's crazy - we say she's just operating on a higher plane



    Paula Abdul, Poet-Genius
    Paula Abdul, a philosopher for our times.

    American Idol judge Paula Abdul is a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma coated in spray-tan. You may lob put-downs at her like "crazy" or "drunk" or "high as a kite," but we've long found her to have an almost childlike innocence, one that gives forth some of the richest, most profound language of the modern age. Like the Buddha, she at first seems to make no sense -- but this is misleading! She is in fact inviting us to make our own sense, for therein lies the path to true knowledge. (Paula operates on many planes at once.)

    Entertainment Weekly knows of what we speak. They gathered 12 of Paula's most singular utterances from all 7.5 seasons of Idol into a magical flipbook called The Poetry of Paula Abdul. An excerpt:

    Finding the Moth and the Melon, Still Looking for the Point

    What did you tell me Simon?
    What did you tell me?
    Simon gave me advice
    and he said that on The X-Factor
    he always refers to a
    fortune cookie
    and says the moth
    who finds the melon
    finds the cornflake
    always finds the melon
    and one of you didn't get
    the right fortune cookie.

    See? The clouds part. You're on a higher plane of knowledge now.