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Splashion for Fashion

Miami magazine and LIV pair together to make a splash in the name of fashion



    Splashion for Fashion
    Karelle Levy, designer of Krelwear, is excited to show off her new fluorescent collection Wednesday night at Splashion 2009.

    It's time to dive into a fabulous fashion frenzy at Miamimagazine's second annual Splashion event.

    On July 15th, LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach will open its doors to various local and international designers and boutiques, including Becca by Rebecca Virtue, Calypso St. Barth, Dulce, I On the District, Krelwear, La Martina,Nazly Villamizar, Ecoist and So Accesso Boutique.

    The event, which is sure to quench your summer thirst, will feature delectable pieces in a full-fledged runway show; an intimate viewing of the individual pieces can be seen in LIV's private skyboxes, each of which will be transformed into small, innovative boutiques.

    Aside from the attire, there will be plenty of interactive events, including a display of eco-friendly Volkswagen Eos convertibles and a beauty style lounge, which will feature hair and make-up demos from the pros at RikRak Salon and Sleek Medspa.

    As if all that eye candy weren't enough, there will be plenty of Grey Goose, Stella Artois and Red Light Energy Elixir to better ease your mind while purchasing.

    Of the event, Miami magazine President Leslie Wolfson said, "We're so thrilled to be celebrating our 2nd Annual Splashion at LIV Nightclub in the Fontainebleau. Miami magazine has always been dedicated to engaging residents and promoting local business owners, and this event is a true example of that."

    A handful of the designers that will be showing at the event are local talent, some of whom we were able to sit down with and pique their fashionesquebrains on what's hot and which items everyone should have hanging in their closet.

    Bring on the babes and bikinis -- viva a la Splash, Miami fashionistas!

    Designer: Karelle Levy, Krelwear
    In a nutshell: "An unexpected knitwear line."
    On inspiration: "It depends on the season. I pull my inspiration from whatever mood I'm in, like artists would do for a painting."
    Favorite current trend: "I don't pay attention to trends."
    Every fashionista should own: "A pair of kick-ass We Love Colors footless-tights, a multi-functional Krelwear tube, a pair of Havaianas, a plain white Fruit of the Loom tank top and gold jewelry."

    Boutique: Dulce
    In a nutshell: "An exclusive, customer-based shoe boutique filled with a variety of beautiful, sexy and original footwear for women... collections by the hottest and most recognized designers in the industry."
    On inspiration: "Dulce's founders, Rebecca Brothers and Evelyn Lozada, originate from Los Angeles and New York, respectfully. Both bring their own regional and individual style into play when buying inventory."
    Favorite current trend: "Platforms! We love the height and comfort."
    Every fashionista should own: "Skinny jeans, gold hoops, killer platforms, a maxi dress and a 'freak 'em, girl!' dress."

    Boutique: Sasha Suarez, So Accesso
    In a nutshell: "Fashion-forward, trendy and unique boutique that caters to everyone's needs. Here, you'll always find affordable yet fabulous pieces and shoes."
    On inspiration: "Growing up, there was always someone that would mention something about what I had on, an accessory I'd put together, or even how I would wear something different and pull it off. I thought, if I can attract attention with what I chose and purchased, maybe I could purchase for others and open my own boutique."
    Favorite current trend: "Over-the-top, tobacco-colored python gladiator sandals with gold studs."
    Every fashionista should own: "A pair of amazing leather black heels, a maxi dress or little black dress, skinny jeans, a fabulous handbag and a chunky long chain and bangles."

    Designer: Nazly Villamizar
    In a nutshell: "The bags are handcrafted and unique, blending modern colorful shapes with natural environmental conscious resources and artisan production techniques."
    On inspiration: "I am constantly inspired for design by Mother Nature, the clean lines of geometry, and my country's [Colombia] beauty and its very talented artists; they are part of who I am and what I express with my designs."
    Favorite current trend: Nude colors.
    Every fashionista should own: "A great maxi dress, black trousers, an immaculate white shirt, colorful scarves and a cool, fitted leather jacket."

    Label: Ecoist
    In a nutshell: "We are 'Ecoists,' eco-minded individuals that live modern lifestyles. We believe we can enrich our lives through sustainable design. Our mission is to help eliminate waste by recycling waste-bound materials into fashionable, durable, high-quality products."
    On inspiration: "We work with various designers from different backgrounds, each with their own style. As a team, we draw our inspiration from art and design in general -- origami, mosaic patterns, as well as other handbag designers."