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This Pickle is Electric



    This Pickle is Electric
    Bill Kearney
    It's a lounge, it's a dance club, it's just a fun place to hit up.

    If you’ve been around just about any scene off Miami Beach, you’ve probably ventured to the place on North Miami Ave once known as Two Last Shoes, then as Circa 28 and now as Electric Pickle. No matter when it was you ventured into Wynwood to enjoy good music, there were rarely nights at this location when it wasn’t jam packed with sweating bodies and tasty drama.

    Under its newest name, this mid-sized club still manages to make people dance happily. The free Thursday night rock and roll party was recently packed with movement and action. Everyone was having a good ol’ time and enjoying $3 Red Stripes. Other nights boast a variety of music, including much electronica. The new DJ booth downstairs looks like a sort of like balsa wood turntables, giving the place a futuristic, African Better Home and Gardens appeal. The decor has been somewhat embellished and is a bit more streamlined over Circa’s bookcase, big couch look.

    Get your palettes ready for an adventurous night. Apparently they have some peculiar drinks, ones that include a bacon infused bourbon and another made with pickle juice. It’s definitely worth swinging by, even just to judge it for yourself.
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