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10/11: Sing Us a Love Song, Monday

Sara Bareille at Revolution, bar workouts at Miami Bar Method and freerunning at Miami Freerunning Academy



    10/11: Sing Us a Love Song, Monday
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    Sara Bareilles plays Monday at Revolution Live.

    SARA BAREILLE: Yeah, we didn't know who she was, either, until we looked her up and found out she's responsible for that infectious diddy, "Love Song." We're thinking she's got some equally great stuff to play for us, so head to Revolution Live tonight. 6:30 P.M.

    BAR NONE: Yoga, Pilates, pole dancing, you're a sucker for any form of exercise that doesn't involve a treadmill. Which is why you'll be jazzed for the opening of Miami Bar Method, which offers classes that incorporate "dance-inspired training movements that elongate muscles and tone." Don't worry, no dance training is necessary. Visit the stuidio's website for a class schedule.

    COOL FREERUNNINGS: We must be on a fitness kick. The Miami Freerunning Academy -- think more Crouching Tiger than Phoebe from "Friends." The goup gives beginner lessons on Mondays, so stick with it and you'll be leaping tall(ish) buildings in no time. Maybe. Probably not, but it's still super fun. 6 P.M.