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1/30: Hey, Mr. DJ

Benny Benassi isn't letting the Pro Bowl steal his thunder



    1/30: Hey, Mr. DJ
    Getty Images for MOCA
    DJs flock to MIami for football madness

    EAR PLEASURE: "Satisfaction." Just the words can bring a few things to mind. If you're a child of the '70s, than there is no doubt that the Rolling Stones just popped into your head and you might even be lip-syncing it right now. If you spent anytime on a dance floor of a club during the year of 2003, than I can pretty much guarantee that a man named Benny Benassi came to mind. Get ready to put those hands up in the air like you just don't care. DJ veteran Benny Benassi is at Mansion tonight, and he will most definitely be welcomed back by the Eurodance-loving kids who come out to play.  10 PM.

    INNER BUDDHA: It was a long week for all of us. Traffic is worse than ever because of the football madness and not to mention the snow birds. Need a little relaxation, and even better would you like it to be free? Good news, there is now a way to get de-stressed and it doesn't come in a shot glass. Get some free yoga at Bayfront Park. This class is in high demand by all the flexible men and women of Miami, so be sure to get there early for registration. Bring your own mat, water and towel too.  9 AM.

    FREE FOOTBALL: Are you so excited that it's Pro Bowl weekend? Well, many of us are. The great events, celebrities and the actual game are causing quite a stir in our little town. With all the excitement, many realize just how their poor credit cards just cannot handle the price of attending the actual game. Well, for all you football fans out there, we found a cheap alternative to the real thing. Today at Lockhart Stadium, there will be a public practice for all the players playing in the Pro Bowl and it's free. It might not be the real thing, but its a close 2nd.