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3/17: Luck of the Irish

Wear green and be merry. It's what the Irish would want



    3/17: Luck of the Irish
    There are plenty of things to give up for Lent, but we don't think green beer should be one of them.

    IRELAND FOREVER: If you woke up this morning, looked at your closet and picked out the only green thing inside, then we applaud you for being in the spirit. Even though our Irish-American population might not be that impressive, we sure know how to act like we are from the green homeland. Celebrate Ireland's version of Christmas and head to John Martins Irish Pub in Coral Gables. Tonight they'll host their 20th Annual St. Patrick's Day Street Party, with live music and a U2 cover band. It's our vote for the best place to go green. 5 P.M.

    PUB CRAWL: In association with Guinness and Segafredo Brickell, it's the St. Patrick's Day Street Festival. Brickell will be buzzing with live music, bbq, food specials and green beer all night long -- starting at the very early hour of 2 P.M., which means you should pretty much call in sick for Thursday, oh, now. With two stages, seven live bands and three DJs, we know this would make Colin Farrell and his countrymen very proud.

    IRISH AND PROUD: If spending your St. Patrick's Day in the middle of a bunch of drunk Irishmen and wannabes doesn't sound appealing to you, no worries. The Fontainebleau and LIV will be presenting their version of St. Paddy's tonight at their weeklyDirty Hairtyparty. With guest DJ Sam Young and all the hot hipsters of South Florida who come out to this celebration, the luck of Irish might just be in the air tonight. 11 P.M.

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