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4/2: Britney's Beat

If you roll with Britney, you can roll with us



    4/2: Britney's Beat
    Britney Spears is in Australia, continuing her "Circus" tour.

    GIMME MORE: Admit it or not, but you have rocked out to at least one Britney Spears song. Mansion on South Beach is being invaded by a member of Team Spears: DJ Havana Brown. Miss Brown is Australia's number one ranking DJ and is more on the rise than ever with a contract with Universal Records. She was recently confirmed as the opening act for Britney's European tour as well as the official DJ for B herself. Her resume includes working with everyone from Lady Gaga to Rihanna. 11 P.M.

    DIAMOND GIRL: After a hard work week, a girl really needs some relaxation and re-charging. Bring some much needed sparkle to yourself tonight at Sephora on Miami Beach. Jewelry designer Tarina Taratino will be hosting the evening to present her new beauty collection, presented exclusively at Sephora. You can receive a fabulous makeover and take home an autographed collection book from Tarina when you purchase any of her products. Be sure to get there early! First-come, first to get beautified! 6 P.M.

    OLD SCHOOL: We are told our whole lives to respect our elders. Well, musically, we know the elder we respect the most. Mr. Leon Russell has officially hit the sands of South Florida and we are pretty excited about it. His song, "A Song For You," is a cover favorite, and tonight, catch the legend and his band breaking out the hits at Ft. Lauderdale's Culture Room. Russell, famous for his never-too-long white beard, remains regal, and his trademark Tulsa twang gets even the hippest hipster grooving. 8 P.M.