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4/26: Monday, J'taime

Refuge, Ransom and fun for a five-spot



    4/26: Monday, J'taime
    A scene from Le Refuge, which screens tonight at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

    TAKE REFUGE: The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival continues tonight with a few flicks to choose from, including "Le Refuge." Girl and boy go on drug binge. Boy dies, girl discovers she's pregnant. Girl holes up with dead boyfriend's hot gay brother. Oh, if we had a nickel for every time that screenplay came across out desk. Regal Cinemas South Beach, 9:30 P.M.

    NOTE TO SELF: Weekend, we're holding you ransom - give us one more day of non-work... or else. Mokai has heard our demands and we're sure that's why they're the host of Ransom Mondays. There's some sort of premise, but really the night just offers an excuse to party one more night before submitting to the rest of the week.

    WILL TRAVEL FOR HAPPY HOUR: Chic hotel bars are a dime a dozen in Miami, but chic hotel bars that serve up cocktails for 5 bucks? Good luck on that. For that kind of deal, head to Fort Lauderdale's il Lugano hotel, where you can sip on anything from prosecco to appletinis for a Lincoln. Bonus: snacks such as parmesan fries and prosciutto flatbread for $10 and under courtesy of Todd English's resto da Campo Osteria.