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8/3: There's No Such Thing as Over Exposure

Party and pamper like a rock star



    8/3: There's No Such Thing as Over Exposure
    Love Hate
    What'd you expect a lounge owned by the guys from "Miami Ink" would look like?

    STROKE IT: Did you spend all weekend in Podunk Florida for grandma's birthday? Just us, then? Make up for a lost weekend, or just keep it going, at the White Room. Exposure kicks off the club's week, and tunes are provided by DJ Johnny Strokes. Gritty and sexy are just a couple of the adjectives used to describe this one. So don't show up in a bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt. Come to think of it, never do that. Anywhere. 10 P.M.

    PUSSY GALORE: But, if you refuse to leave the Beach, duck into Love Hate, where Mondays mean the Pussycat Lounge. Which, to our dismay, doesn't mean the Pussycat Dolls -- or a knockoff of said Dolls - put on a show. But it does mean drink specials and DJ Epps spinning hip-hop and R&B. 10 P.M.

    THERE'S THE RUB: Or if you'd rather get your pamper than your party on, we've got good news - Miami Spa Month has extended the $100 special at a variety of spas through August, which means for a Benjamin you can get that much-needed rubdown to get rid of that case of the Mondays.