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9/22: Give Your Love Life a Lingerie Lift

Match.com at Fontainebleau, a Burger and Beer Bash and Disney on Ice



    9/22: Give Your Love Life a Lingerie Lift
    The Lake & Stars
    THE LAKE & STARS LINGERIE: Let's face it, you want her to wear sexy lingerie. So pick something nice that she'll want to wear, too... like the oh-so-sexy sets Wild West (left) and Truce (right). Contact The Lake & Stars for sales and pricing.

    LOVING LINGERIE: Looking for love? Well your lingerie could be the key to helping you boost your confidence and find it. Head to the Fontainebleau Miami tonight and join Match.com's relationship insider, Whitney Casey. She's going to dish on how to match your lingerie to your love life! If you need more direction, you'll want to take notes during the Calvin Klein Underwear presentation. It's the ultimate night out and it's happening between 6-8 p.m.

    BURGER BASH: Add an extra B to that! It's the Burger and Beer Bash and it's happening tonight at the Miami Beach location. Join the party tonight and come out for a pre-purchased spread of endless brews, delicious dishes, wings and more for the price of $35 or $40 upon arrival.

    IT'S MAGIC! Ariel sheds her mermaid tale for a pair of skates! Mufasa and Simba, Lilo and Stitch and even Peter Pan and the Lost Boys will too when the happiest place on earth comes to South Florida for a cool show. Head to the American Airlines Arena tonight through Sunday for a fun filled magical show with Disney on Ice. Check out Ticketmaster for show times and tickets.