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Biggest Name in Small Art Comes to Miami

Microsculptor wows with small-sized artwork



    Microsculptures at Art Basel

    Famous microsculpture artist brings tiny works to Miami. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010)

    There's an art gallery in Miami this week, where you won't see any art, until you look through a microscope.

    "When they come in, they get the shock of their life," said Willard Wigan, a famed microsculptor from England.

    Wigan's microsculptures are produced and displayed in the eye of a needle or on top of a pinhead. And they're so small, with the naked eye, it looks like a speck of dust. But once you look through the microscope, you never know what you might find.

    "It's Shaq! That's amazing!" said one woman while looking through one of the 40 microscopes in the gallery.

    Wigan sculpts things big and small. He's made a T-Rex, UFC fighters, the Obama family and in honor of his Miami gallery, he's bringing the Miami Heat's big three back down to size.

    "I call it 'Honey I shrunk the kings,'" Wigan laughed.

    So how does he do it? Wigan uses miniature homemade tools and materials like kevlar, carpet fibers, or even a grain of sand.

    "I sometimes have to use a hair from a dead fly as a paint brush, or I pluck out my own eyelashes, from the corner," said Wigan. "Then I glue it on to a needle and paint very very gently."

    He also does it slowly. Each piece takes weeks of sitting in front of a microscope, making miniscule movements, in between heartbeats.

    "I don't get pleasure doing it, I get pleasure when I'm finished," Wigan explained. "There's no actual pleasure doing the work because it's sending me insane."

    Most people think he's crazy and some even think it's all a hoax.

    "That's a compliment because I'm ready to prove it to any man. I like it when they say it's a hoax. It just goes to show what I achieved.

    Wigan's microsculptures are priced anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000. He also does personalized sculptures.