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Bingo Bash

Not your grandmother's bingo



    Bingo Bash
    Leave mom at home in case you happen to get a B69.

    Bingo isn’t just a geriatric game of letters and numbers, it’s also a fun way to win spa treatments on Sunday evenings at the Standard.

    This chic Miami Beach hotel encourages visitors to “Love Life” on the Lord’s day by arousing their competitive spirit in a non-physical way. If you win a game of bingo, you might get a free pedicure, massage or some other relaxing treat from the spa.

    Once known only as the Lido Spa Hotel, this spot has all the charm of decades past, even retaining the original sign. Apparently, Sunday night bingo isn’t new to the location. It’s a tradition that existed even before the building was bought and redefined by hotelier Andre Balazs, and which remains great way to prepare for the upcoming work week.

    The crowd has changed as much as the interior. Instead of grandmas, there are hipsters and divas. Feel free to lounge all over the couches, bring your puppy or sit cross-legged on the floor of the lobby. The waiters and waitresses deliver a delicious array of pricey beverages. You can even enjoy a yummy Pimm’s cup while you mark your scorecard.

    The scene is laid back and the announcer plays with words and enjoys a pun or two. One thing you’re likely to hear is “dirty sex” for thirty-six. Say it out loud, it makes sense. Then there’s also a call for balls. You know, Bingo balls.

    Get there before 9 to extend your opportunities for winning.

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