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Celeb Spotting in Miami This Week

Which is more infamous this week, the celebs who stayed in hotels or the hotels the celebs stayed in?



    Celeb Spotting in Miami This Week
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    We have Regis and Kelly to thank for the storm of celebs who blew into town this week.

    COME ON, FEEL THE RIPA: Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa stormed into town this week, bringing a shower of celebrities with them. The odd couple was here to promote their morning show, but with so many plugs for the hotel where it was filmed, The Fontainbleau, it was hard to tell who was cutting their checks this week.

    The money shot for the hotel came when Ripa took a dipa in the Fontainebleau’s pool on Tuesday. The rock-solid host showed off her abs of steel in a plunge that sent the paparazzis’ flashes in a blinding blaze of photo glory.

    We haven’t seen a flash like that since Jen and John debuted their relationship in Miami last year. And we haven’t seen abs like that since our grandma did laundry on a board.

    THE SKINNY: Nicole Richie brought the whole fam to town this week—including her pea in the pod—for a Regis and Kelly appearance where she hocked her new jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960.

    The miniature mama and crew were bombarded by photogs the moment they disembarked from the plane. (Come on paps, you act like no one A-list ever comes here. Oh wait, they don’t, really.)

    Richie showed off her latest bump (which, for those who missed it, is smaller than the post-Easter candy pudge you’re carrying around) on the stage and then again Wednesday night when she hosted a soiree for her jewelry line at (surprise here’s that name again) the Fontainbleau. The party drew in the likes of Wyclef Jean and Richie’s very blonde baby daddy. Families that dye the hair together stay together.

    HOW LOWE CAN YOU GO: Rob Lowe got a similar airport greeting from the paps when he jetted into town for the show. Although he wasn’t scheduled to appear until Wednesday, Lowe flew the friendly skies and landed in the Magic City on Monday.

    Fans at the show were put off by Lowe’s unwillingness to pose for pics or even greet fans. Hey, Rob, we supported you even when sex tapes weren’t the celeb norm. Thanks for the payback.

    Looney for Clooney: George Clooney is still in town for his upcoming film, "Up in the Air." But it seems, according to Scene in the Tropics, the paps have driven the A-lister out of his Delano digs and to a new secret setup. We wonder if it, too, starts with an F and ends in with a bleau.