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6/18: Food in Moderation? Only in Price

Pop divo, sushi sales and a five-course gorge



    6/18: Food in Moderation? Only in Price

    DINNER AND A MOVIE: Dining on a budget is never better then knowing the bill before you sit down. Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar’s “Movie Spice” menu offers a gluttinous five-course menu for all Latin food lovers every night, starting with two “preview” dishes. After munching on signature ceviche and juicy crab cakes, move on to the “opening credits” mango salad followed by the feature presentation: grilled rib eye filet. Assuming your stomach is still intact, enjoy the “closing credits” banana stuffed crepes. Every day after 5 PM, $28 per person. 

    POP ROCKS: He’s bringing pop back. Recording artist, Miamian and former teacher Corey Michaels put the pencil down and picked up the mic with the plan to get everyone on the dance floor. Tonight at Score, Michaels will debut his new album, Who Killed the King, produced by The Flipstones. Michaels brings an international resume with past performances in Amsterdam to Miami’s nightlife tonight starting at 10 PM. No admission before 11 PM and with RSVP before 1:30 AM.

    SUSHI 101: Mark your calendar, because a new holiday is born. Haven’t jumped on the sushi bandwagon yet? RA Sushi understands, and they want to help you out. Today is “International Sushi Day,” created to open your mind to a new kind of food. In honor of the holiday, RA Sushi is giving away one of its most popular rolls, the “tootsy maki” (don’t worry, nothing raw) to transition sushi novices into lovers. All you have to do is “like” RA Sushi on Facebook and print a coupon from their page. The deal is on all day and night.