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Get Psyched for Psychic Tuesdays

Dance party booms at Bella Rose



    Get Psyched for Psychic Tuesdays
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    Get down to any and everything at Psychic Tuesdays at Bella Rose.

    You want to dance.

    You’re tired of all the same old electro-pop or hip-hop that blares from every club on South Beach or downtown Miami. You want something different, something a little dark, maybe a little smoky; a place to play and sway to good music.

    Thankfully, Miami artists Federico Nessi, Ricardo Guerrero (This Heart Electric) and his collaborative Psychic Youth, Inc. created Psychic Tuesdays, an unpretentious night of obscure music. Never would have thought it possible, until now. 

    Psychic Tuesdays came about from Nessi’s desire to recreate the energy he felt in Portland at a dance night thrown by Nathan Howdeshell of The Gossip. The vibe he’s managed to produce is friendly, fun, but original and unique. You will hear music you’ve never heard before and you will like it.

    Each Tuesday, Bella Rose booms with just about anything you can dance too, most of which falls under a goth/punk umbrella, but also includes 60s classics such as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

    The collaborative Psychic Youth, Inc mostly comes together for mind-expanding performances and events. Think Dino Felipe and friends, costumes, instruments and some Martha Graham dancing. The name comes from the band Throbbing Gristle’s term for their audience, and the connection they had with them.

    The DJs for this month include artist Bert Rodriguez, known as the Whisper, Sarah Freidin as DJ Nuit and Richard Vargas, aptly named Drowning the Virgin Silence.