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Get Your Old School Fix At Fox's

Classic decor and cheap drinks make Fox's Lounge the place to be. Don't believe us? Ask Sinatra



    Get Your Old School Fix At Fox's
    No, it's not a strip club, but no one said you couldn't get frisky at Fox's.

    This Wednesday will greet two types of people.

    Either you’re battling a hangover from a long night of tequila shots and margaritas or getting cabin fever, having stayed home to avoid all things Mexican ( this would include H1N1, affectionately known as swine flu).
    Whether it’s the one or the other, you probably need to get out of the house and have a healing beverage in a homey place to remind you that it’s not necessarily the end of the world.
    We would suggest Fox’s Lounge; low lighting and comfy booths are the perfect relaxants for both the worriers and the hungover. 
    You’ve probably passed by the neon sign while driving down US-1 and thought – “Fox’s? Is that a strip club?”
    It most certainly isn’t! It’s a neighborhood bar, though in its original heyday, it is rumored to have been a brothel.
    Fox’s is one of the oldest bars still running in Miami. The interior design is that of a classic old timer bar, with a wraparound wooden bar and rounded maroon booths. The free juke box plays Elvis and Patsy Cline (favorite) and it’s decorated seasonally. It’s like you expect Frank Sinatra to saunter in and order a martini and then yell at the bartender.'s Eileen G. says it's "one of the best bars in Miami by far. If you enjoy quaint, cozy, dim atmospheres, this place is perfect."

    If you’re hungry, Fox’s serves food until late night, including quarter sliders for those on a budget. There’s a walk up booze window where you can satiate your jitters, fast food style.
    Keep in mind, Tuesdays and Saturdays are 2-for-1 after 11, so they can get pretty packed.
    So if you’re feeling like you need to get out and away from the swine, get your tail down to Fox’s.