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There’s plenty of sweating to be done in the name of fun this Friday night, on both bike and on the dance floor

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    Waterford Landing
    There's nothing like great music to follow an exhausting workout.

    There’s plenty of sweating to be done in the name of fun this Friday night, on both bike and on the dance floor. 

    Start out your night on two wheels with the Critical Mass crew. They’ll be meeting at Government Center at around 6:30 p.m. You may also bring your unicycle or rollerblades, if you’re feeling especially radical or need a little extra attention.

    After, riders will be heading over to the Firefly Bike Collective's fundraiser for some music and drinking, probably of a ton of water and maybe some beer. Since the Collective helps people learn to build, repair and maintain their bikes at no cost, they’ll be collecting a $5 cover or bikes, parts or tools for this event. These do-gooders are building bikes for farm workers around Florida while building a riding community locally. The show will feature local favs like HAHAHELP! and This Heart Electric.

    The Firefly Bike Collective’s event is located at 219 NE 20th Street, bikes are optional and don’t park on 20th Street.

    Since there’s always room for more live music on a Friday night, The Vagabond and Sweat Records will be hosting a performance by The Waterford Landing, headed by DJ Alex Caso. The band will be playing some psychedelic new wave, so practice your gothic two-step beforehand and make sure to add some carefree twirling in there too. The music is both heavy and light, bringing you back (new wave) and bringing you inward (psychedelic). A sure success.

    There’s no cover at The Vagabond before 11, and The Waterford Landing will begin playing at that time, so be there early. An added incentive is that they’ll be selling $1 cans of Rolling Rock and PBR before midnight.

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