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Local Brides Battle for "Best Wedding" Bragging Rights

Premise of "Four Brides" is simple: may the best nuptials win



    Local Brides Battle for "Best Wedding" Bragging Rights

    Pulling off a wedding is anxiety-inducing enough without a full camera crew and three other brides critiquing every move.

    But that's exactly what four local wives-to-be signed up for as part of TLC's "Four Weddings" reality TV show.

    The premise: Four brides attend each other's weddings and, afterward, give their honest opinions about what they would have said "I do" to, and what they would have kicked to the curb. (Think "Mean Girls" meets "Wedding Crashers.")

    Then, they all vote on who's wedding they liked the best (besides their own, of course), and the winner gets a honeymoon.

    The show recently traveled to South Florida to catch the nuptials of Ana Maria, Raiza, Bridgett and Karen, and their walks down the aisle will be aired Friday night.

    Where’s the Food?

    "Of course," said Ana Maria when asked if she was nervous about having her wedding aired on national TV, "I didn't know what was going to be filmed, how the other girls were going to be - it made the whole experience more intense. But maybe it was just me, I get freaked out when I see a camera." 

    But, in the end, the 21-year-old Miami girl, who had her "sexy cocktail party" wedding at a South Beach mansion, said being on the show was a great experience, and that she - sorry anyone who was tuning in to see a good cat fight -- became friends with the other girls.

    Even though, at her own wedding, the food ran out before the other girls got a chance to eat. Oh well, said Ana Maria, "my wedding wasn't about feeding people."

    If Ana Maria's wedding wasn't about the food, then Bridgett's, which took place in Homestead's antique-y, garden-y Cauley Square, wasn't about being the center of attention.

    "I don't like being in front of the camera," she admitted, "I hate being the center of attention - I didn't even get to say my vows." The latter was a result of nerves, she explained, from having the camera all up in her intimate business.

    She also admitted she was uncomfortable with "scoring" the other girls' special days.

    "We did it because we had to," she said. "When you watch the show, you see yourself saying things that you might not have said. I understood that it was part of the show, but it did make me feel awkward."
    Raiza, however, said she had no problem being filmed.

    "I'm not shy," said the 23-year-old, who had her wedding on Virginia Key beach, complete with vegan cupcakes and beer served in mason jars. "I love being on camera."

    She and her husband, a musician, opted for a low-key, eco-friendly event during which guests, who all dressed in white, sat on tie-dye blankets for the ceremony.

    "It's ridiculous to spend so much money on one day," she argued. "It's all about you -- it shouldn't be about trying to be expensive and show off. My family, we danced and had the best time. Whether they show it on camera or not."