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Pure Imagination Live

Miami's version of This American Life



    Pure Imagination Live
    Pure Imagination
    There's nothing outside of the realm of possibilities tonight at Pure Imagination.

    If you’re entirely exhausted with Miami’s monthly art walks, you’re not alone. It’s not so much the art that is bothersome, but the 90 degree weather and the lack of available beverages. Thankfully, there is a culturally relevant alternative available tonight. Sweat Records has the AC up and running and is hosting another Pure Imagination live.

    Pure Imagination is sort of the Miami version of This American Life. It’s not so similar that you can just replace Ira Glass’s voice with Matt Gajewski’s, but there are similarities. Gajewski reads his own fabulous short stories to background of a live band, in his highly recognizable voice. His stories, much like This American Life’s tales, are intelligent, dark and emotional.

    Pure Imagination is a radio show which is broadcast Mondays at midnight on University of Miami’s 90.5 WVUM. You can get a preview online of the old episodes. Gajewski’s released a collection of stories under the same title as the radio show, with illustrations by Zach Danesh, available at Books and Books or at Sweat.

    This can be your night off, while still engaging some parts of your brain and definitely putting to use your discerning taste. The show starts at 9 p.m.

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