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Softer, They Do Rock

Raffa and Rainer will be performing their thoughtful melodies for a crowd at Books and Books Friday

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    Raffa and Rainer
    They'll sing ya to tears and you'll love every minute of it.

    There’s nothing more fabulously un-Miami than live music in the courtyard of a bookstore. Well, that’s what the Bravo producers who’ve created "Miami Social" want us to think.

    This Friday, folk faves Raffa and Rainer will be performing their thoughtful melodies for a crowd at Books and Books. All the boys and girls will swoon over Raffa’s sweet voice, unguarded face and the duo’s honest, romantic lyrics. As far as what the music sounds like, it’s a little Joanna Newsom, minus the harp, and a touch of Joni Mitchell. You can bring your mom and dad and prove to them that you do have good taste in music and, now, at least one thing in common.

    These two created a scene with their mostly open mike night, Can You Rock a Little Softer?, which also gave more established rock and folk acts a stage to perform on. Now no longer, the night took place weekly at Churchill’s Pub and talents of all levels of skill came together to share their songs.

    Everyone’s favorite bookstore, Books and Books will be opening their doors for the performance. The Coral Gables courtyard is the most divine place for a gathering of any kind. There may not be any gables, but there is coral and a mix of climbing and potted plants that make this the best place in town to read, eat or chatter.

    The music will be playing from 7 till 11 p.m. with an hour-long break at 8.

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