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Thieves in the Night

Thievery Corporation brings the electronica to the Fillmore tonight



    Thieves in the Night
    Thievery Corporation
    These guys may not be the freshest faces, but maybe they still have the freshest sounds?

    Thievery Corporation is one of the few electronic acts from the '90s that has maintained any sort of street cred.  Does anyone still run out to see Sasha and Digweed perform? Sure the Europeans do, but realistically most people have moved past that stage in their musical evolution, at least until there’s a trance revival. Thievery Corp has a different sound though, one that has managed to retain a musically sophisticated following.

    This Washington, D.C. duo has been mixing downtempo with international sounds for almost fifteen years now.Radio Retaliation, their last released studio album, sounds very much like straight dub, though there are clearly other musical influences. You might hear heavy reggae or bossa nova, but generally speaking, the sound is loungey. It’s true that lounge sounds are a thing of the mid-'90s when these guys first emerged, but if you listen to the music, it’s hard to admit that there isn’t something a little classic about it.

    Thievery Corporation is performing tonight at the Fillmore on Miami Beach. Get all relaxed and head down to decide if the music endures or not for yourself.

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