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Time to Roll at Bird Bowl

Cheap Miami spot makes bowling better



    Time to Roll at Bird Bowl
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    Cheap beer and cheap lanes make bowling better in Miami at Bird Bowl.

    When we were younger, the debate arose from time to time - Don Carter’s or Bird Bowl? After Don Carter’s became a raucous booty club and then was torn down (probably for the offense of bad taste) Bird Bowl became the bowling center for South Miami.

    Nowadays there are a few other options, like Lucky Strike and Splitsville, but these places are priced like they’re in the middle of Time Square.

    Not good ole Bird Bowl. Wednesday nights they lay it all out there, and you can hit the pins for only $1.50 a game.

    "This place is just that, a bowling alley. No bells, whistles, etc., just bowling. And sometimes, that's all you need," says Sabrina C. on Yelp.com.

    As far as drinks go, the Bowl has one of the most impressive beer options for miles around. And not only can you can get a beer bong, but if you spend $5 on a plastic cup of beer, bring the cup back every following Wednesday and you'll get free refills each time.

    Maybe you feel like the Dude and you’re thirsty for a White Russian or, if you prefer, a Caucasian. No worries, you can get one of those too.

    As Walter Sobchak in "The Big Lebowski" says: “This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.” So don’t steal the bowling shoes and definitely don't go over the line.