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A Sweet Reason to Go Vegan

Shopping for cupcakes is now guilt free



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    Annie Vazquez
    Bunnie Cakes specializes in making vegan and allergy-free cupcakes.

    Ever thought about giving up your carnivorous ways and going vegan?

    Bunnie Cakes might just make you give up meat for good.

    Downtown resident Mariana Cortez, 27, is the owner of the 6-month-old company that specializes in making vegan cupcakes.

    “I started baking them because it was really frustrating for me not to find what I wanted for my kids,” said the graduate of Florida International University and Venezuelan transplant.

    Her cupcakes are made using 100 percent vegan and organic ingredients. She sweetens her treats with agave nectar, a natural sweetener.

    She also makes the tiny desserts allergy free.

    “There is no gluten, wheat and soy in them,” said Cortez, who tweaked some of her 90-year-old grandmother’s recipes to make the cupcakes.

    “She recited all the ingredients to me by memory,” said Cortez. “I started replacing the eggs, dairy and sugar ingredients to create my versions.”

    Unique flavors include Cookies No Cream, Pink Lemonade, Guava and Passion Fruit.

    Cupcakes range from $1.00 for a mini to $3.00 for a regular size.

    Bunnie Cakes are sold at Juice and Java in Miami Beach, Garden of Eatin, Dance of Pole Stars in Hollywood, and online.

    “It is a sweet treat without the guilt,” said Cortez.

    We concur.

    Annie Vazquez is a Miami-based journalist and shop-a-holic. Email her with any fashion tips, boutique openings, events, sales and bargains at anniecvazquez@yahoo.com