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Urban Sipster: Valentine's Day Cocktails



    The Love Below

    1/3 oz 42BELOW Passion

    1/3 oz Aperol or Campari

    2/3 oz Guava Nectar

    Prosecco or sparkling wine

    Instructions: Pour spirits, juice into a Champagne flute, and stir well. Tilt the flute on an angle, and gently top with Prosecco.


    Love Potion No. 9

    2 oz 42BELOW Kiwi

    1 oz Simple Syrup

    1/2 a lime

    Basil Leaves

    Instructions: In a sturdy mixing glass, press the limes and sugar together using a muddler or the back of a bar-spoon. Add 42BELOW Kiwi Vodka, basil, and ice. Shake hard, pour into a tumbler, and serve.