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The Sunday Morning Booze Buzz is Back

Alcohol sales ban has been lifted for restaurants, pubs



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    Looks like booze is back as part of the most important meal of the day in South Florida.

    Starting this weekend, bars and restaurants across Fort Lauderdale can begin serving alcohol Sunday mornings, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

    Under the old law, no one could buy a Mimosa or Bloody Mary to go with morning brunch. It was meant to keep Sunday holy, which had quite the hint of irony: If you wanted to get a little buzz, you had to go to church and get in line a couple of times during communion.

    But now locals and tourists can enjoy a morning beer as early as 7 a.m.

    Restaurant and bar owners pressed the city to change the law, saying it was an outdated restriction that no longer made sense in today's tourism-based economy.

    Liquor and grocery stores still are not allowed to sell alcohol until noon.

    But in restaurants and pubs, it's back to being easy like Sunday morning.