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Twist and Shout

Beer, pretzels and the NCAA: where to get your bball on Bavarian style



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    I once ate a pretzel thiiiis biiiig.

    When it comes to NCAA finals fare, it’s all about the carbs. And what better game-watching combo is there than good old fashioned pretzels and beer?

    Now, we’re not talking the Snyder’s party snack bag. We’re talking big, warm, soft and salty. Here’s our list of where you can get your bball on Bavarian style.

    Hofbräu München

    At this Lincoln Road biergarten, patrons get to drink out of giant steins and sink their teeth into pretzels the restaurant claims they get directly from their homeland. They come in three sizes and with a special dipping sauce. Oh, and the staff wears lederhosen and St. Pauli Girl outfits. No schnitzel.

    The Abbey

    One doesn’t come to this watering hole for the food (great beer and ambience, rather), but they do serve a few options, including pretzels. Sure, they’re the microwavable ones you buy in the grocery store, but a pretzel is like sex – when it’s good, it’s really good. And when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Especially after a few IPAs.


    This classy Irish pub is the real deal. Accents and everything. Grab a seat at the handsome, flat screen-equipped, dark wood bar and do what the Irish do best – drink. Absorb those pints with a ballpark-sized NY-style (the Irish part, we’re sure) pretzel that comes presented in a nifty stand-up holder that puts your salty snack on display.


    Head south – waaay south – to this Key Largo fish joint. The seafood, of course, is always the special du jour, but instead of the blah pre-meal basket of Saltines or over-garlicky toast, each table is served a basket of pretzel bread. Bask in its doughy goodness and reminisce about the time you caught a fish “thiiiis biiiig.”