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What the Cluck! Court Forecloses on South Florida KFCs

KFC restaurants in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties set to be deep-fried



    Shula's at SHRWFF

    Several local KFC chains are in finger-licking foreclosure.

    Broward Sheriff's deputies invaded nine local franchises of the chicken-serving national chain Wednesday, serving orders that the stores must cease and desist.

    Who knew the double-down monstrosity would cause this much harm?

    About 18 civilian deputies simultaneously served Writ of Replevin notices, which we gather didn't contain the Colonel's secret recipe. It's the first step in a foreclosure.

    The shut down order was not from KFC, officials from the chain said.

    "KFC Corporation is not involved in this litigation which we believe is between the franchisee and one of its lenders," KFC Spokesperson Laurie Schalow said.

    Employees were ordered to put down their chicken breasts, deep fryers and biscuit pans and leave the premises.

    Five franchises in Miami-Dade and others in Monroe County were also served with the foreclosure prerequisites.

    While chickens across South Florida rejoice, it's unclear how the Chik-fil-A cows feel about the recent development.