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No Bullion: Gold Bar ATM Headed for South Beach?

ATMs that dispense gold are coming to Florida



    No Bullion: Gold Bar ATM Headed for South Beach?
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    (FILES) A 1kg gold bar is displayed at a Tokyo jewelrey shop, 18 April 2006.The price of gold struck a record high above 855 dollars an ounce in trading here 02 January 2008 owing to a weak dollar and unrest in Pakistan, traders said. AFP PHOTO FILES / YOSHIKAZU TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Everybody loves gold, but we didn't know it was accepted everywhere.

    An ATM that dispenses actual gold bars is coming to the United States with the German creator's sights on Florida, CNBC reports.

    Unless Orlando's Mickey Mouse is in the market for some gold buck teeth, the logical destination would be somewhere in Miami, namely South Beach.

    We've already got vending machines that dispense Bentleys, so why not bullion?

    Gold to Go works like your every day ATM, except you don't get cold hard cash. Customers slide in their credit card or dollar bills and get cold hard bricks of gold.

    The machines have been a success in Europe, and now Thomas Geissler wants to expand to the U.S., with stops in Florida and Las Vegas. He said his company will issue about 35 machines in new locations this year.

    The weight of the bars range from one gram up to one ounce, and the values are automatically updated every 10 minutes to match international markets. It also spits out gold coins from all over the world.

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    Geissler hasn't announced when or where in Florida he will locate his pots of gold, but he might be a couple of decades too late for South Beach style.

    Gold chains, teeth and rims are so 1990s. And purses are a bit too small to be carrying the bulky bars around on Ocean Drive.

    On the bright side, it has to be harder for the door man to turn down a gold bar bribe to get into the VIP at the club.