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Plastic Fantastic: New Miami-based Mag Gives the Silicone Scoop

In its inaugural issue, New You poses the age-old question: Do men like fake breasts?



    Plastic Fantastic: New Miami-based Mag Gives the Silicone Scoop

    If there's one thing Miami knows a lot about, it's boobs.

    And now, they (meaning the girls) have their very own magazine.

    Miami-beach based publication New You touts itself as "the official magazine of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)," and their goal is "to inform readers about the latest cosmetic procedures available, to educate them about the issues of safety, cost and personal experience, and to help them locate the best cosmetic surgeon."

    In their premiere Spring 2010 issue, the mag asks the age-old question: Do Men Like Fake Breasts?

    Stating the obvious was Dr. Ron Moser: "Men usually like big breasts."

    He goes on to say that it's not the implant itself that men like, it's the bazoomness. And that, if done correctly, "there is not much of a difference in the look and feel between an implant and a natural breast."

    With 312,000 breast augmentations performed last year in the U.S., making it the #1 plastic surgery procedure, we're going to go out on a limb and say men are just fine with pretend pairs.

    In the same article, we also learned that our idea of a cup size is different from, say, someone in the Northeast.

    "In Oklahoma," Dr. Erik Nuveentold the magazine, patients generally take the "bigger is better" approach. "When a person comes in here and says they want a C cup, the question is whether they want an Oklahoma C or a Seattle C... I'm keenly aware of the cultural differences that are present in the different areas."

    And, well, we all know what they say about Texas.

    Also in this issue, an informative article on what our grandmother used to call Chicken Skin - that loose flab on your arm that keeps waving even after you stop - and how to combat it (surprise: cosmetic procedures), as well as the Brazilian Butt Lift - a topic we can really sink our teeth into. (Zing!).

    "For every person who has undergone a cosmetic procedure, there are at least two other people who would like to, but are hesitant because they are not well informed," said New You editor-in-chief J.P. Faber. "Our job is to educate readers about some of the really amazing procedures now available."

    On why the mag is based in Miami Beach, well, it's pretty obvious.

    "We're based in Miami because it is one of the top centers in the country for cosmetic surgery," Faber said, and "because it is home to some of the most beautiful people in the world. Check your research, but I believe Miami Beach was voted in the past year as the most attractive city in the U.S. in terms of people."

    Don't ask where Faber thinks Philly is on that list.

    Pick up a copy the next time you head to your local bookstore - they're in 1,500 of them nationwide -- or when you go in for your next Botox injection - they're also in the waiting rooms of more than 2,000 AACS doctors.