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The iPhone Can Save Your Life

New app gives detailed instructions for first aid and CPR



    The iPhone Can Save Your Life
    A new app for the iPhone won't just make your life easier, it could actually save your life.

    If you believe the popular iPhone commercials from Apple, there's an "app" for just about everything.

    From tracking buses to telling you when to pee, applications on the iPhone can make your life a little easier. But now there's an iPhone app that can save your life.

    The American Heart Association has developed its first iPhone application, "Pocket First Aid & CPR." The app includes video and detailed instructions on how to respond in critical situations, including choking, CPR, seizures, bruises, cuts and wounds, and more. Best of all, once downloaded, the instructions are available even when there is little to no cell-phone signal.

    The AHA recommends reviewing the first-aid procedures long before they're ever needed. In a time of emergency, the new iPhone app should be a quick reference for the user, rather than a first-time tutorial.

    "Pocket First Aid & CPR" also allows users to input their own medical profile. It can save doctors' contact information, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, and insurance information.

    The iPhone app sells for $3.99. For more information, visit or the iTunes Store.

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