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NBC 6 First Alert Weather Team Certified Most Accurate 8 Years In a Row

NBC Universal, Inc.

The NBC 6 First Alert Weather Team has been certified as the most accurate local weather forecast in South Florida for the eighth year in a row by WeatheRate.

Here’s how it works: Every day, one meteorologist from our team enters our forecast into the WeatheRate website. We predict the temperature and precipitation for the next four days and include wind, severe storms, fog and even the sky conditions.

WeatheRate then compares our forecast to the actual weather that happens and we get a score. Like golf, the lower the score, the better the forecast.

WeatheRate then looks at the scores of all the television stations in South Florida and at the end of the year, awards one station the title of “most accurate.”

WeatheRate does this in cities all across the country, but in South Florida, NBC 6 has been king for eight years running, and John, Adam, Angie, Ryan and Steve are incredibly proud.

As we always say, we want to get the forecast right, even on the quiet days so viewers will trust us on the dangerous weather days.

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