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Plantation High School Damaged From Wind-Related Event

There were no injuries from the event, authorities said



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    A worker fixes the roof at the high school Friday night.

    Plantation High School sustained damages after a wind-related event on Friday night, authorities said.

    One of the school's buildings in the center courtyard was damaged and 50 percent of the roof was torn away, said Joel Gordon, Plantation Fire Rescue Battalion Chief.

    Gordon added that trees were also down, but no one was injured.

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    He said there were witnesses as some of the maintainance staff was stil at the school.

    The school board was at the school, making sure the roof was secured and repaired.

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    Meanwhile, the National Weather Service in Miami said the damage was thought to have been created by a microburst, a quick burst of wind coming down from the cloud that spreads out. Microbursts are usually associated with strong thunderstorms.

    There was no rotation on the radar, the weather service said.