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Wicked Weather Sends Flower Lady Flying

Flood waters and strong winds ripped through Miami today



    And you thought you had it bad in today's wicked weather.

    A Miami woman and her flower tent were sent flying by strong gusts of wind and rain this morning at a local gas station and it was all caught on the station's surveillance camera as seen above.

    The woman, 42-year-old Maria Elena Sanchez,  was tossed about 80 feet along with her flower stand, which was bolted to the concrete.

    Sanchez was hit in the head by her flower cart and was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. She should be fine, but the amazing footage is sure to go viral.

    Local meteorologists think a small tornado may have hit the gas station and almost sent Sanchez to Kansas.

    Mother Nature has dumped as much as 14 inches of rain in Miami in the past two days, flooding streets and making some people run for their boats and jet skis to get to work instead of their cars.

    In Broward, an entire mobile home park had to be evacuated by rescue boats after flood waters threatened to send the trailers floating away. The rains are expected to subside this weekend, giving way to pretty frigid temperatures.

    Maybe you'll get to put the jet ski away and break out the Christmas snow mobile. Maybe not.