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AT&T Soon to Be 2 Fast, 2 Furious in Miami

Soon, the network's customers will be able to surf the web at the speed of light -- well, almost



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    You're iPhone's so fast, you got an email before your friend even sent it.

    iPhoners rejoice! Well, some of you, at least.

    AT&T recently announced that they are rolling out a speedier network in select cities.

    And so, while we don't have an H&M, Miami will have the HSPA 7.2 network, which  can apparently reach speeds of 7.2 mbps (currently, peak speed is 3.6 mbps) - depending, of course, on your location, your phone and your network.

    So, if you have the one current phone that works with the 7.2. system - the iPhone 3 GS - you're golden. If not, look out for six new 7.2-compatible smartphones and laptop cards from AT&T by the end of the year.