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Determining the Effective Date of Unemployment Claims

Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity’s website and phone lines have been flooded with hundreds of thousands of calls and tens of thousands of claims in recent weeks, after businesses throughou...

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  • coronavirus Apr 1

    State Pleads Patience Over Unemployment System Problems

    Dozens of others expressed their frustration on the social media pages for the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, also known as the DEO, after having trouble with the agency’s phone lines or website.

  • coronavirus Mar 28

    Many Reporting Issues Applying for Unemployment Benefits

    Whether it’s online or through the phone, many people looking to file for unemployment benefits tell NBC 6 Responds they are having trouble with the system.

  • coronavirus Mar 27

    Students With Off-Campus Leases Find Little Relief

    Universities and colleges in Florida are voting on offering refunds for some on-campus housing, but the same isn’t happening for those who life off-campus.

  • coronavirus Mar 25

    Many in South Florida Lack Access to Broadband Internet

    It’s difficult to say exactly how many people are now working from home.  But as social distancing becomes the norm, it’s safe to say those who can work from home, do.   But in South Florida, not everyone has access to broadband internet – a key resource to make working from home a reality.  NBC 6 found 80.9% of households......
  • coronavirus Mar 23

    Utility Disconnections Suspended Across South Florida

    As more businesses temporarily close in Florida, many people are losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills. But some companies and local agencies have announced some plans to help those affected by the crisis. The Florida Power and Light (FPL) is suspending electrical disconnections and providing payment extensions for customers amid the ...
  • coronavirus Mar 23

    Unemployment Applications in Florida Are On the Rise

    It’s been a few days since Jason Suarez was laid off from his valet job at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport.  “I am lucky because I do not have kids, but many coworkers have kids and need to pay their rent, mortgage, cars,” Suarez said.  After his upcoming check clears, Suarez doesn’t know how he will pay his bills.......
  • coronavirus Mar 21

    What We Can Learn from Professional Cleaning Businesses

    As businesses and schools close, owners and administrators are looking to give their facilities a deeper cleaning. “We’re getting more calls… besides the offices that we normally do,” says Elena Peña, owner of the cleaning company, EMP. Elena Peña and Robert Estevez operate two small professional cleaning companies in South Florida and, since...
  • coronavirus Mar 20

    Banks Rolling Out Programs to Help Those Financially Impacted by Pandemic

    As businesses and government leaders take action to try to contain the spread of the coronavirus, some workers are already taking a financial hit.  “Get out in front of it,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst for  According to McBride, banks already have programs in place to help consumers.  They are the types of relief p...
  • Responds Mar 12

    Want to Avoid In-Store Shopping? Here Are Some Options

    With a simple click or a tap on your phone,  you can order nearly anything these days without moving from your chair. It’s a trend that’s on the rise, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to increase across the country and in South Florida.  Concern over exposure to the virus isn’t limited to people considered high-...
  • Responds Mar 7

    Hard-to-Find Products Could Cost More

    Online and in-store, hand sanitizers were in high demand Friday as concern over the coronavirus continues to rise.  NBC 6 Responds found Whole Foods offering 2-hour delivery for a bottle of hand sanitizer online, so we went to the nearest Whole Foods and found the same product on the shelves. The other three retailers NBC 6 visited Friday...
  • Responds Mar 6

    Why You May Want To Consider Booking Travel Now

    Concerns over the coronavirus are causing some travelers to reconsider their plans, canceling flights and hotel reservations around the country.  Some hotels in South Florida are already feeling the impact and that could mean deep discounts for consumers looking for a staycation. “Greater Miami and the beaches are open for visitors,&#822...
  • Responds Mar 5

    Thinking of Refinancing? Read This First

    For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark borrowing rate by half a percentage point Tuesday. Experts say the move could mean big savings for those looking to get a new car loan or simply wanting to get their finances in order. “It’s good news if you have credit card debt because it…

  • coronavirus Mar 3

    Consumers Report Coronavirus Rip-Offs

    As confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to pop up, people are looking to prepare – but with many crisis situations, some scammers could be looking to take advantage.

  • Responds Mar 2

    Woman Wants Safety Checks for Pet Toys After Cat’s Eye Hurt

    It’s estimated that the pet toy market is a billion-dollar business, yet as one cat owner learned, there is very little safety oversight on many of these products. Cat owner Christina Phillipis says her cat Mochie was injured while playing in her favorite cat tunnel. “She was playing in her cat tunnel, zipping around in the morning like she......
  • Responds Feb 26

    To Combat Bad Tippers, More Restaurants Adding Service Charge

    Many restaurants are now adding a service charge to a patron’s bill saying some people don’t tip, but just how much of that money goes back to the servers?   Jose Fernandez says he was enjoying dinner with his wife and friends at Old’s Havana Restaurant until the check arrived.  “I’ve been in Miami 28 years and this had...
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