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Consumer Complaint

NBC 6 Responds is interested in helping you resolve your concern or complaint; but before contacting NBC 6 Responds, please be sure you have communicated directly with the entity with which you have a disagreement and have followed the necessary steps to resolve your dispute.

Please provide us with the following information

On a desktop computer? Hold “Ctrl" on PC or “command" on Mac to select multiple files. Up to 5 files will be accepted. Zip and all common image, video, and document formats are accepted. Any documents or images submitted could be used for broadcast or digital use.

NBC 6 Responds will not provide any assistance with certain types of disputes. Please check the list below of cases that NBC 6 Responds DOES NOT HELP RESOLVE:

  1. Any custody or family court matters.
  2. Any criminal matters.
  3. Matters from viewers/readers outside of our viewing area.
  4. Any case currently pending in court, or before a judge, or that has been litigated/arbitrated.
  5. Matters with attorneys involved.
  6. Discrimination claims.

Keep in mind none of our representatives are lawyers and do not provide legal advice. By communicating with you or providing help, we are not committing to act as your representative or taking on any obligations.

No confidential relationship exists between you and any of our representatives. The information you provide will not be kept confidential and will not be maintained in a secure manner.

Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we cannot guarantee a resolution. In addition, NBC 6 Responds is not responsible for any loss or harm you might suffer as a result of our involvement. You agree to hold NBC 6 Responds and NBCU harmless for any problems that may arise in connection with our involvement.


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