Consumer Reports May 24

Why Mental Health Apps Could be Sharing Your Data

The past year has been unlike any other, filled with stress, anxiety and sadness for millions of us and many people are turning to mental health apps for support. But, is the deeply personal, sensitiv...

  • Jun 25, 2020

    Responds: What Happens To You When a Business Closes?

    What happens when a business closes for good — and still have not delivered your stuff? Follow these tips from the NBC 6 Responds teams to make you get your money back.

  • Florida Jun 25, 2020

    Company Improves Safeguards After Local Families Lose Thousands

    Finding a reliable and licensed contractor isn’t always easy. It’s a big reason why some consumers, like Robert Desisto, look to companies to help them find qualified professionals.

  • Consumer Reports Apr 14, 2020

    How to Get Medical ‘House Call' Visits During Coronavirus Pandemic

    The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, shop, and even see the doctor – and while the focus has shifted, some are wondering if it’s even safe to schedule that medical visit. Now, new high tech ways to schedule visits are allowing some patients to see their medical specialists without even leaving their home. “In times like now&#...
  • Consumer Reports Apr 5, 2020

    How to Properly Protect Yourself From Coronavirus While in Your Car

    Washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces are important in the fight against the coronavirus, but one area you might have overlooked? Your car – and disinfecting your ride goes far beyond the steering wheel. “Think about how many surfaces in your car get touched on an average trip: door handles inside and out, control knobs and buttons, the touchs...
  • Consumer Reports Jan 15, 2020

    How to Buy Pieces of Luggage That Lasts a Lifetime

    Your checklist for a good piece of luggage is probably pretty simple — it should hold what you need and be tough enough to survive the baggage claim when you have to check it.  The latest Consumer Reports survey of more than 38,000 members reveals which brands to pick before you pack. “People are willing to pay a premium for…...
  • Consumer Reports Jan 13, 2020

    Debating Whether to Buy or Rent Pressure Washer for Your Home

    The beginning of the year is a great time to clean up your deck, walkways and patio furniture – but if you’re considering using a pressure washer, how can you decide whether renting or buying is the right answer? Consumer Reports says renting a pressure washer has its perks – you don’t need the space to store it and you…

  • Consumer Reports Jan 8, 2020

    How to Deal With Rising Cost of Cell Phone Bills

    You see ads for cell phone companies all the time, but when is the last time you seriously considered switching? It seems like a hassle, but what if you could save hundreds of dollars a year by making a change? Consumer Reports says there are cheaper options out there. They’re smaller carriers known as MVNOs or mobile virtual network...

  • Consumer Reports Jan 7, 2020

    Charging Stations Could be Stealing Your Data

    The holiday travel season has arrived and so too has new warnings about using public USB charging stations to charge your mobile device in airports, hotels, and public places. The reason: A new scam that authorities refer to as “juice jacking,” wherein scammers hijack charging stations in order to export data and passwords through your cable. Scamm...
  • Consumer Reports Jan 1, 2020

    Understanding Confusing Labels That Come With Food Shopping

    Grocery shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming. Foods are often packaged with a dizzying array of labels, sometimes with healthy-sounding buzz words like organic, natural, and cage-free – so how do you know if those labels actually mean anything? Consumer Reports cuts through the confusion to help you focus on the most meaningful food label...
  • Consumer Reports Jan 1, 2020

    Frozen Foods Worth Your Freezer Space

    Who hasn’t gone digging through to the bottom of their freezer trying to find something that will help put a quick dinner on the table? Fast? Yes! Healthy? Not always… So, the food experts at Consumer Reports helped us stock up on healthy frozen foods that are actually worth the freezer space! CR says to look for high-quality whole-foods...
  • Consumer Reports Dec 30, 2019

    Shop for Lawn Care Service Now

    Did the mowing, trimming, weeding, leaf blowing, and raking of summer yardwork do you in? Are you thinking about hiring a service to do it all? Now is the time to shop for a lawn care service. Consumer Reports shares some tips on finding the right one. But before you commit to spending hundreds of dollars a month, CR says…

  • Consumer Reports Dec 17, 2019

    Classic Kitchen Gifts Under $50

    Even if you’re not cooking a big meal every day, kitchen gifts like small appliances are always great to give and receive. Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports reveals five top kitchen classics, each for under $50. What to get your favorite caffeine lover? The Bella coffee maker is a Consumer Reports Best Buy based on its performan...
  • Consumer Reports Dec 16, 2019

    Gift Guide: Give Great Gadgets

    The holiday shopping season is in full swing. If your list is long but you’re short on ideas, Consumer Reports offers some great options for the gadget gurus in your life. One of the hottest new additions to the wireless headphone category are the Apple AirPods Pro for $260. They’re Apple’s first noise-canceling truly wireless hea...
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