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The "Entourage" Breaks Up Next Summer



    The "Entourage" Breaks Up Next Summer

    HBO's happy band of brothers are about to drive their caddy convertible off into the sunset.

    "Entourage," the sitcom that follows the misadventures of Jersey boy actor Vincent Chase and his inner circle in Los Angeles' high powered movie scene, will end its eight-year run in 2011, reports the New York Daily News. The series will conclude with an abbreviated run next summer.

    "We'll do a shorter order to finish up, said Michael Lombardo, the network's programming president.

    However, fans of the Drama, E and Turtle shouldn't get down just yet: the show may live on with a big screen movie.

    Lombardo said that the show's creator, Doug Ellin "clearly wants to write the film. But he also wants to do it when the storytelling makes sense. So he is clearly thinking about how the [TV] show will end."

    The show's snappy patter, celebrity-studded episodes and larger than life capers have earned it both popular and critical praise. It's also served as a showcase for Jeremy Piven's portrayal of volatile and profane super agent Ari Gold, who is based on Ari Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.