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"Precious" Star Gabourey Sidibe Hosts "SNL"



    "Precious" Star Gabourey Sidibe Hosts "SNL"
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    Sidibe, who famously auditioned for "Precious" on a whim, joined rock band MGMT for Saturday's episode of the sketch show.

    Gabourey Sidibe strayed far from her "Precious" roots this weekend, hosting a raucous episode of "Saturday Night Live" that saw the dramatic actress tap into her comedic side in her first real acting gig since her professional debut in the Oscar-nominated film.

    Sidibe, who famously auditioned for "Precious" on a whim without any acting background, joined hipster rock band MGMT for Saturday's episode of the sketch show.

    The Oscar nominee's inexperience showed during several bits during the night, as Sidibe flubbed her lines, got flustered and fumbled onstage -- but the genial star recovered gracefully to keep going throughout the show.

    Her first "SNL" bit was the host's monologue, where Sidibe riffed on the depressing role she played in "Precious" and how audiences believe she's similar in real life to the downer character she plays in the flick. The monologue also saw Sidibe break into song about her newfound fame, rocking out to a tune called "I'm Gabourey."

    Sidibe struggled to get through the second sketch of the night, which featured the actor as a Jamaican self-help book writer who gives tips on "The Suze Orman Show" on how to save cash. The accent seemed to trip up Sidibe, who flubbed her lines in the beginning of the bit but kept going to finish the segment.

    The next sketch starred Sidibe as a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," hosted by Kenan Thompson's version of Steve Harvey, who mispronounces answer options, much to Sidibe's contestant's chagrin. The sketch's comedic gem: the plus-sized Sidibe attacking Thompson across the podium.

    The fumbles continued in the next portion of the show, as Sidibe played a crazy neighbor who spouts random knowledge to the people who live next door. Again, the lines seemed to trip up the actor, who again managed to finish the sketch despite her mistakes.

    Sidibe's turn as a cherry-spitting competitor in Andy Samberg's digital short showed a more comfortable side of the actor, as she and Samberg squared off spitting the fruit back and forth to one another in "Cherry Battle." This sketch's funniest bit: The "Harry Potter"-esque robes Sidibe and Samberg wear in the epic cherry showdown.

    "SNL" regular Bill Hader pulled a Sidibe during "Weekend Update," which featured Hader as a gay club promoter telling anchor Seth Meyers about his new plan for the gay scene. Hader cracked up throughout the sketch at his own impersonation of Stefon, giggling as he made jokes in character.

    Sidibe rounded out the show with co-starring roles alongside Kenan Thompson in a bit about the fake 2010 Public Employee of the Year Awards and Will Forte in a sketch that saw Forte attempt to win back his purported lover Sidibe with a bundle of semi-racist gags presented at a faux "Precious" presser.

    MGMT performed twice on the show, choosing not to play old favorites like "Kids" or "Time to Pretend" but instead rocking out to two songs from their new album "Congratulations," "Delirium" and "Brian Eno."