Food Events: SoBe Bucks Allow Access to Sold Out Events

Dolce Brunch

This holiday season, I am all about the group gifts. A recession holiday means pooling resources, as in giving gifts to a group (like a family basket of treats) or giving gifts as a group. I, for one, am not in a position to be laying out for huge and generous gifts. However, with the power of collective money of everyone in the family pitching in, sometimes you really can spring for that amazing gift. So when I learned about this deal, I thought I’d share it with you with the above in mind:

The South Beach Food & Wine Festival broke a festival record when it sold nearly one million dollars worth of tickets in one hour. Some of the favorite events sold out that very day. If you or someone you know had their heart set on an event, “SoBe Bucks” gives you another in.

SoBe bucks are available in denominations of $250, $500, or $1000. Using SoBe bucks allows the recipient to spend the gift certificate on any event they choose, including sold out events, such as the “Burger Bash,” Dolce Brunch,” or Saturday Grand Tasting. To purchase the gift certificates, call (305) 627-1646 or email

In addition, starting tomorrow, everyone who buys tickets for any festival event online will get a 10 percent discount. This sale lasts through December 19.

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