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Did Obama Wear Bulletproof Suit?



    Did Obama Wear Bulletproof Suit?
    Was President Barack Obama wearing a Mission Impossible-style bulletproof suit while he walked down Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday?

    Was President Barack Obama wearing a bulletproof suit when he and wife Michelle stepped outside of their armored limo and jaunted down the center of Pennsylvania Ave. during the inaugural parade Tuesday?

    It's certainly possible, according to unnamed law-enforcement officials.

    Obama and his wife Michelle rode in their armored Cadillac limo known as "The Beast" in a 14-car motorcade during the parade down Pennsylvania Ave. on Tuesday -- but then took an unexpected stroll down the street.

    Some speculated that the President wore bullet-resistant clothing during the inauguration ceremonies made famous by the Columbian designer Miguel Caballero who creates business-appropriate attire that can stop a bullet from a 9-mm, according to Wired.

    A polo shirt from the designer has a $7,500 price tag, the publication reported. 

    Caballero's threads are seven times more flexible than Kevlar vests, he told Wired. 

    Bloggers on Gizmodo took a look at the possibilities, including a test video that shows the maker of a bulletproof jacket shooting a journalist at point-blank range, with no injuries.  Ouch.