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Iran Prez Steals Obama's Mojo

Ahmadinejad appropriates "Yes, We Can" slogan



    Iran Prez Steals Obama's Mojo
    Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is stepping on President Barack Obama's turf.

    What's next -- a dog named Bo?

    IranPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has adopted President Barack Obama's famous "Yes, We Can" slogan as part of a re-election campaign film, launching just days after Ahmadinejad slammed the commander in chief for mishandling relations with the Middle East.

    Ahmadinejad staffers are circulating a promotional video that features the leader standing in front of a blackboard bearing the Farsi phrase meaning "We Can" that they plan to use as they stump for votes in Iran, the Guardian reported.

    In the video, the notorious Holocaust denier wears his signature white jacket and points to the written slogan -- "Ma Mitavanim" -- as he speaks about the future he's planning for Iran.

    The film will run until the June re-election.

    Ahmadinejad last week condemned President Obama's decision not to attend a U.N. conference on racism, saying that it sent the message that the American government will tolerate international hate.

    He also criticized Obama's lack of communication, saying he sent the commander in chief a congratulatory letter after he was elected in January that wasn't returned.

    Ahmadinejad's surprise win in the last Iranian election was largely attributed to a film he circulated then that painted him as a man who would help feed Iran's hungry and homeless population.