Opa-locka’s Saggy Pants Ban May Soon Include Women

Push to include women in ban on sagging pants tentatively approved.

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The fashion police in a Florida town that outlawed sagging pants for men years ago will soon start targeting women, according to a Miami Herald report.

Opa-locka city commissioners tentatively approved an ordinance that will lead women who wear pants that expose their undergarments to get tickets from police.

The original ordinance was passed in 2007 and was toughened in 2010, when a $250 fine was added for anyone caught with sagging pants in public. The fine is now $500 or 25 hours of community service.

The push to add women to the ordinance was made by Commissioner Dorothy Johnson, who told the Herald she felt some women in the city needed to improve their image.

"I heard a little boy say, 'Mommy, pull your pants up, that man is looking at you,'" Johnson said. "Your son is telling you this, and she didn’t see anything wrong with it."

Since the Opa-locka ordinance was passed, communities across the country have been passing sagging pants laws. Earlier this year, officials in the Jersey Shore passed a law banning saggy pants on the famous boardwalk.

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