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New Details in 'Bad Butt' Injections Talk Show Attack

Angry alleged victim's mom threw syringe at my face: Injection defendant



    Corey Eubank on the Cristina Show (Published Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012)

    An attack with a fake syringe on a Spanish-language talk show Wednesday night was just the latest chapter in the South Florida "bad butt" injection drama.

    Corey Eubank, 40, was appearing on Telemundo's "Cristina" show at the Blue Dolphin Studios in Doral when he was hit above his left eye by a prop syringe thrown by a woman, a Doral Police report released Thursday said.

    Alleged Bad Butt Injection Accomplice Pleads Not Guilty

    [MI] Alleged Bad Butt Injection Accomplice Pleads Not Guilty
    The alleged accomplice in the South Florida black market butt enhancement business that authorities say used Fix-a-Flat and cement for injections says he had nothing to do with the injections and denied the unusual items were used. (Published Monday, Dec. 19, 2011)

    'I’m not doing well at all. I am agitated. This is beginning to be life-threatening," Eubank told NBC Miami. "It’s gone way too far. This is really frustrating me.”

    Police say Eubank is a man, but attorney Jim Lewis says she presents herself as a woman.

    More Arrests for Bad Butt Injections As Second Alleged Victim Comes Forward

    [MI] More Arrests for Bad Butt Injections As Second Alleged Victim Comes Forward
    A transgender woman was re-arrested along with a man on Wednesday after a second woman came forward saying they injected her legs and buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, mineral oil and "Fix-a-Flat," authorities said. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011)

    Eubank and 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris were arrested in November and charged with practicing medicine without a license after victims alleged Morris had injected their legs and buttocks with a mixture that included Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue.

    Police say Eubank was Morris' accomplice, though she denies that claim.

    According to the police report, Eubank said the show was taping when she was attacked by Brunetta Brown, the mother of Shaquanda Brown, one of Morris' and Eubank's alleged victims.

    Video footage showed Eubank sitting on a chair before a member of the audience made her way to the stage. Security guards quickly moved in to separate Eubank from her alleged attackers as all hell broke loose.

    Eubank told police Brunetta Brown threw the syringe – which didn't have a needle in it – at her, hitting her in the forehead, the report said.

    Brown denied throwing the syringe at Eubank but admitted to getting into an altercation with Eubank, the report said.

    No arrests were made but the incident remains under investigation, the report said.

    Eubank's attorney Gabriela Novo, who was on stage translating for her, said the show assured them beforehand that "they would be ready – this will not get out of hand."

    But it did, and the syringe, after hitting Eubank across the eyebrow, hit Novo on her neck, she said.

    "They just came at us. They just wanted to fight," Novo said. "When they stampeded onto the stage, they just grabbed all the props on the table and threw it at Corey and me.”

    Lewis said "the victim began referring to my client as a faggot," and that things disintegrated when she stood up aggressively and approached Eubank.

    “For about a minute and a half, it was a very scary situation, to the point the victim and families came at Ms. Novo and I. We felt very threatened," Lewis said.

    He said the show did not provide enough security and that he would be filing a restraining order against both Browns.

    Both Morris and Eubank are out on bond and have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.