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Still Wearing LeBron James' Former Headgear, "Headband Girl" Embraces Role

Jennifer Chaplin says it doesn't smell bad



    NBC Miami
    Dedicated Heat fan Jennifer Chaplin

    The 21-year-old Heat fan who donned LeBron James’ sweat-soaked headband after Game 3 of the NBA Finals is embracing her new Internet nickname: Headband Girl.

    “I think it’s funny. I think it’s great. I am Headband Girl, and I love it,” Jennifer Chaplin said with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders Tuesday.

    After the close of the Heat’s win at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday night, Chaplin enthusiastically accepted the used headband that James handed her as he walked off the court.

    “What would you do if LeBron James gave you his sweatband, his headband from an NBA Finals game? I immediately put it on. Of course,” she said.

    She explained in an interview before Game 4, “LeBron sweats for us every night, so I didn’t care to put a little bit of his sweat on my head.”

    She said it doesn’t smell bad. In fact, she hasn’t washed the former headgear of the reigning NBA MVP.

    “Everyone’s like wash it and tell everyone you didn’t,” Chaplin said. “And I was like, no way – it’s the sweat, it’s the sweat that counts.”

    She said that when she into work on Monday, a colleague asked her, “Are you Headband Girl?”

    “And I just started cracking up, because it blew my mind, really,” she said.

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