• marijuana Feb 25

    ‘Marijuana Doctor’ Certifies Most in Miami-Dade County

    When it comes to certifying patients for medical marijuana, nobody in Miami-Dade County does it as much as Dr. Jay Ellenby. In a year period ending in September 2019, he has the highest number of certifications in the county with 3,751. That’s 75 percent more than the next-busiest doctor in the county. Like many of the physicians statewide with the…

  • Miami-Dade Feb 25

    “Marijuana Doctor” Certifies Most in Miami-Dade County

    When it comes to certifying patients for medical marijuana, nobody in Miami-Dade County does it as much as Dr. Jay Ellenby.

  • Louisiana Feb 5

    Southern University Becomes First HBCU to Legally Market Marijuana

    Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has entered the cannabis industry, making history as the first historically black college or university to join the legal marijuana business, NBC News reported.

  • cannabis Feb 1

    Questions Remain After Chicago Marijuana Dispensary Heist

    It was the first heist since cannabis was made available for medical patients four years ago. But was the $200,000 burglary of a Chicago MOCA dispensary an inside job? Ask Chicago Police, and they’ll tell you without hesitation that the January 6th burglary of the MOCA dispensary in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood had all the hallmarks of a classic...

  • marijuana Dec 25, 2019

    High-Driving Arrests Rise, But There’s Nuance in the Numbers

    In the first year that recreational marijuana was legal in Vermont, the number of drivers arrested by state police for impaired driving who had THC in their systems more than doubled, according to state police data requested by The Associated Press. While some police believe the increase in 2018 shows more people are using cannabis and driving since legalization, other…

  • Drug Bust Dec 23, 2019

    Nearly 40 Pounds of Marijuana Bound for Miami Intercepted in Canada

    Nearly 40 pounds of marijuana bound for Miami never made it to the Sunshine State after authorities intercepted 42 wrapped packages of the drug in Canada. U.S. Customs and Border Protection found the marijuana in the checked baggage of a couple headed to Miami International Airport, according to a statement. The marijuana was intercepted at the Toronto Preclearance Facility on…

  • Pinellas County Dec 23, 2019

    Florida Man Arrested For Selling Marijuana ‘Because It Was Christmas’

    A Florida man was arrested Sunday for handing out marijuana “because it was Christmas.” Police in Pinellas County said Richard Ellis Spurrier was in possession of 45 grams of marijuana, which he was distributing to “several individuals.” The 67-year-old man also had a small amount of marijuana hanging off his right shirt sleeve, according to an arrest affidavit. Spurrier later…

  • Major League Baseball Dec 13, 2019

    MLB, Union Agree to Testing for Opioids After Skaggs’ Death

    Major League Baseball will start testing for opioids and cocaine. But only players who do not cooperate with their treatment plans will be subject to discipline. Marijuana will be removed from the list of drugs of abuse and will be treated the same as alcohol as part of changes to the joint drug agreement between MLB and the players’ association....

  • baseball Dec 12, 2019

    MLB, Union Agree to Begin Opioid Testing

    Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association agreed to begin testing for opioids, cocaine, fentanyl and synthetic THC. They will also remove marijuana from the list of drugs of abuse.

  • Willie Nelson Dec 5, 2019

    Willie Nelson Is Still Using Pot, Just Isn’t Smoking It

    Willie Nelson may have given up smoking, but he hasn’t stopped using marijuana. While in San Antonio last week for two performances, the 86-year-old country music legend told KSAT TV that in an effort to take better care of himself, he no longer smokes. The longtime marijuana advocate says he “started smoking cedar bark, went from that to cigarettes to...

  • marijuana Dec 4, 2019

    Over 500K Pot Vapes Seized in 2 Years as Busts Rise in US

    As health officials scrutinize marijuana vaping, it’s increasingly on law enforcement’s radar, too. From New York City to Nebraska farm country to California, authorities have seized at least 510,000 marijuana vape cartridges and arrested more than 120 people in the past two years, according to an Associated Press tally derived from interviews, court records, news accounts and official releases. A…

  • marijuana Dec 4, 2019

    Willie Nelson Says He Stopped Smoking Pot to ‘Take Better Care’ of Himself

    America’s proudest pothead has decided to hang up his joint. Willie Nelson, the country music luminary whose name is practically synonymous with lighting up, said in a recent interview that he has stopped smoking marijuana due to breathing issues. “I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days...

  • Iran Jan 18

    Iran to Send Flight Recorders From Downed Jet to Ukraine

    An Iranian official says Iran will send the black box flight recorders from the Ukrainian jetliner it accidentally shot down last week to Ukraine for further analysis. The head of accident investigations for Iran’s civil aviation department says it is not possible to read the black boxes in Iran. He says French, American and Canadian experts will help analyze them...

  • New York City Nov 20, 2019

    Man Arrested in NYC Marijuana-Hemp Mixup Case Likely Will Get Charges Dropped

    Prosecutors are planning to drop all charges in a New York City case that spotlighted how similarities between legal hemp plants and marijuana can cause confusion

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